The Goal Getters Mastermind Program is a 4 week intensive growth experience for women who are ready to grow intentionally. You will have me as your 1 on 1 goal achievement coach and you will  experience sisterhood at a different level with other women who are committed to achieving their goals. Execute like a Goal Getter and celebrate every win in this exclusive program.

I am looking for a group of 12 serious women who value personal growth and fit this criteria:

  1. Tired of being stuck and want more out of life.
  2. Sick of the same results and need a better execution plan.
  3. Want to clean your inner circle and replace it with people who can positively support the journey you are about to embark on.
  4. Lack clarity about your life goals and intentionally want to change into the person you dream to be.

As your Goal Achievement Coach, I am about to help you transform from a Goal Setter into a Goal Getter. I am even throwing in a BONUS week for a goal celebration.

Goal Getters Mastermind

Enrollment is now OPEN until July 30, 2017 for my August class. Seating is limited for each session. So, SIGN UP today and APPLY for enrollment in this exclusive program that ONLY happens four times a year.

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