Sierra Rainge

“Coach Kim Burke was the celebrated keynote speaker at the 2nd annual “Discover the Beauty of Business Brunch” hosted by Limitless Living LLC in Chandler Az. Our guest list for the event was inclusive of successful entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, trainers and noteworthy network marketers who were ready to expand their vision and reach their goals in life and in business. Coach Kim Burke delivered a enthusiastic and crowd moving message on the importance of setting, achieving and celebrating goals. Her book, The Code to Greatness, was a very effective tool that the guests loved and gave amazing feedback on during the post event interviews. Kim is an inspiration to me and a role model for many. Her personal journey and story is a great example on how extraordinary human spirit, hard work and determination are keys to help anyone achieve their goals.”

Sierra Rainge Founder & Coach of Limitless Living, LLC March 14, 2016