Who We Are


As a professional coaching company, Queen Kim Enterprises, LLC dba QKE 4 Growth and Let’s Grow Institute mission is to equip and inspire people to achieve their personal goals.


Our vision is to provide premier growth workshops to young professional women so that they gain clarity about the goals they want to achieve right now. We provide our innovative products that will enable women to build an unapologetic personal brand and learn how to eliminate negative self-talk along their growth journey. We will be known as the change-agent coaching company that shares realistic experiences that empowers women to set themselves up for greatness by going beyond the stop sign in their life, so that they can transform from Goal Setters into Goal Getters.

Our Values


We value people for openly sharing their personal experiences that will ultimately help someone else.


We value building long-term meaningful relationships with our clients and partners to create real value and optimal opportunities.


We value continual growth towards self-improvement for ourselves, clients, and partners.


We value serving our community by giving of our time and resources to meet people needs.


Hi Everyone! I’m Kim Burke, M.A. and I am an unapologetic Goal Getter. I believe in the power of personal development and know that it can change the trajectory of your life. I founded my professional coaching company, Queen Kim Enterprises, LLC dba QKE 4 Growth and Let’s Grow Institute, to inspire people to achieve their personal goals. I am overjoyed to be a Certified Coach, Trainer,  and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

The people I serve know how much I am dedicated to intentional growth. I’ve worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that all of my dreams come true. So, I am confident in knowing that people who want to achieve their goals, do achieve their goals. Now, I lead a Goal Getters Mastermind group for serious women ready to intentionally set themselves up for greatness. Additionally, I host an annual live event in January, The Personal Growth Series, which is where Goal Setters begin the transformation process to become a Goal Getters.

I am an award-winning speaker and I speak nationally at conferences and workshops to empower women to move from stagnation to results. I’ve been featured in local newspapers, articles, and television related to my expertise in goal achievement. I am a best-selling author with my co-authored book 20 Beautiful Women: Volume 4. I also self-published The Code to Greatness, The 28 Day Growth Challenge,  It’s Growth Time!, and Let’s Grow.  

Are you ready to turn your goals into results? If so, I am here to help you grow.

Are you looking for an execution plan and an unapologetic Goal Getter Mindset? Contact me and let’s figure out how we can work together.